Why Does My Projector Flicker? Explore 9 Possible Reasons!

Projectors are not only a friend of classrooms and meeting rooms, but they could also appear anywhere and serve our different personal needs.

Thanks to technology development, these devices can offer you high resolutions and color-accurate images. 

Yet, one of the most common problems when using projectors is flickering images. If you have ever experienced this glitching projector, you wonder about the reasons! Why does my projector flicker? How to stop projector flickering?

This blog post provides you with the best explanations and other related facts!

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Why Does My Projector Flicker?

What causes projector flickering? This section will go through nine possible reasons for a flickering screen. Let’s see!

Unstable Power Supply

When your projector is under eco mode, there will be less voltage applied to the lamp. As a result, the photons can’t absorb enough power to remain the same quality, which may cause flickering images.

If you notice your projector flickers while using the eco mode, switch it to other modes and check if the quality is now better.

Electrical Surges

Electrical surges sometimes happen in the household, resulting from electrical overload, lighting and power outage, or faulty wiring. Still, you can use the surge protector to avoid these unexpected situations.

If you connect your projector with the power outlet during electrical surges, there’s a high chance that you will experience a flickering screen.

You should reconnect the projector with another wall outlet in your house. If it’s still impossible, you should call an electrician to solve the problem.

Components Have Broken

There are many sensitive glass parts inside the projector. 

There are many sensitive glass parts inside the projector. 

A projector comes equipped with different glass projection parts. They aid in reflecting the light in the direction of its intended destination.

So if you open the projector, you may touch its sensitive glass parts and cause some damage. Not to mention that the dust can stick over those areas.

If it is the case, it’s best to ask a professional to change the glass projector parts. You don’t want to damage your projector anymore!

Frame Rate And Refresh Rate 

Another common reason that causes flickering images is a low frame. To check the frame rate of your projector, go to the frame rate setting. If you find it low, increase the frame rate or refresh rate, giving you a better result!

Color Wheel

The projector’s color wheel helps convert the white light source into other primary colors. If the dust sticks over the color wheel, it will cause flickering on the projector.

A Dying Projector Bulb

Check the bulbs of the projector.

Check the bulbs of the projector.

Generally, bulbs are designed to last from 1,500 to 3,000 hours. Some bulbs even last up to 30,000 hours.

If you use the projector regularly, the cathode and anode of the bulb wear out over time. Because of some problems with the magnetic field for bulb functioning or the poor power supply filtering, the bulb can develop faults, which include flickering screens. 

When the bulb in projectors dies, the red/yellow indicator will flash. In such cases, you can easily find some burns or physical injuries. This is also a reason why projector not displaying!

It’s essential to check whether your projector has achieved or expired its life expectancy by looking for the lamp life option. If it is still under warranty, you can ask the manufacturer to replace the lamp.

But if your projector is out of warranty, you can do it yourself. The lamp uses a bulb held in place by a plastic casing. 

As long as you have some technical skills, you can follow the instructions below.

Ground Loops

A flickering screen can be a clear indicator of ground circuit signal noise (ground loop).

If there are many conductive routes between the projector’s ground terminals and other devices, it will form a close conductive loop. There may be a loop between the projector and the source.

To determine whether the flicker still exists, you should utilize a cheater plug to bypass the ground of the projector. You should only use this short-term solution for troubleshooting purposes.

Loose Connections

If you’re having problems with flickering, check if there are any loose power connections.

Most of the time, a faulty cable is the main reason causing this issue. You can replace the video wire to solve the problem. 

A small tip is to use a high-speed HDMI cable instead of a DVI or VGA cable.

If you’re wondering “why does my projector keep turning off,” loose connections could also be a possible reason.

Faulty Video Source

Last but not least, a fault with the video source can also make your projector flicker. It could be a problem with the source’s video card or power supply unit.

In some cases, flickering can happen when the source and projector’s video formats aren’t compatible. For instance, if your source’s output is WXGA, choose WXGA from the menu selections of the projector.

Why Is The Smartboard Projector Flickering?

It may occur due to the resolution and the refresh rate. In this case, you will need to adjust the refresh rate and the resolution settings in the computer you’ve connected. 

Alternatively, you can eliminate the input from the projector. Then allow the power source to connect to the projector. After that, you can check the video source and cable. 

You can also do a factory reset, but don’t forget to consult the projector’s manual for more information.


This blog post has given you some possible reasons for your initial question – Why does my projector flicker? 

We hope you now feel satisfied with our answers. If you have any further questions about projectors, don’t hesitate to contact us. Display Central always welcomes you, and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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