What Sizes Do Projector Screens Come In?

Projectors are prevalent in many places, from schools and companies to our home theater system. It is a perfect replacement for traditional televisions, bringing excellent graphic quality.

We use a projector for many purposes, such as studying, work, making presentations, or entertainment. It is important to select a suitable screen size based on the audience and purpose.

So, what sizes do projector screens come in? Regular projector screens will range from around 80 inches to 120 inches. The projected displays used in cinema or conference halls can get much bigger. 

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What Is A Projector Screen?

A regular projector is usually accompanied by a projected screen. The projection screen is a flat or curved surface designed specifically to project the colorful and moving images from the projectors. 

You can install a large projection display, such as in cinemas, or by painting a wall. There are also special screens or panels which can be carried around and used outdoors. 

The majority of projection screens come in white or gray color. These colors reflect light best and can avoid negative impacts from ambient light and color distortions. 

There are curved screens used for special optic projector devices, but they are not as popular as flat screens. They are designed to produce the best image quality, authenticity, and color contrast. 

Different types of the projector (digital, movie, slide) are often used with matching screen types.

Types Of Projector Screen Installation

  • Cinema Display: An aluminized or white surface with multiple minor holes for the air generated by the speakers to flow through. 
  • Mounted Display: Possess perfect geometry and are most common in home theater systems with a beautiful aesthetic. 
  • Pull-down display: Often installed in places with limited space, such as meeting rooms or classrooms. The surface is made from fabric, allowing users to roll neatly when not using it.
  • Fixed-frame display: Produce the best graphics quality and contrast ratio. They are installed in movie theaters and cannot be removed or carried around. 

What Sizes Do Projector Screens Come In?

The projector screens range between 80 inches and 120 inches. Projection displays in cinemas or professional areas can go up to 200 inches or more. 

The Most Common Projection Screen Sizes

Do larger display sizes equal batter watching experience? Not necessarily.  Large screens will give you a better viewing angle and area, but it doesn’t always give the highest image quality. 

To get the best viewing experience, you have to use high-end projectors designed for large display sizes. If the image resolution on your device is too low, the pictures will get spread out on large screens and become hard to see. 

The clarity and color accuracy are reduced significantly. Meanwhile, smaller display sizes will give you more detailed and higher graphics quality, as the pixels are concentrated in a small area. 

But the trade-off is limited viewing angle and an unsatisfying watching experience. Therefore the most common projection display size used in classroom or home theater systems is medium (80-120 inches), but it is still much larger than a regular TV. 

The portable projection panels used in the classroom range from 100 inches to 120 inches (2.5 – 3 meters). This size is sufficient for around 30-40 viewers, but the viewing angle is not so wide. 

Meanwhile, movie theaters usually install huge display sizes, ranging around 45-60 feet wide and 30 feet in height. Some popular formats, such as Imax, use screens 72 feet wide and 98 feet tall.  

Projection Display Size In Meetings

Projection Display Size In Meetings

Distance From Screen

You can calculate the most suitable display size based on the distance between your eyes and the panel. Follow this principle: The distance from the display should be at least double and less than five times the projection screen’s width. 

For example, if a cinema uses a 5-meter-wide projection display, the nearest seat should be located at least 10 meters from the display. Following the principle, the furthest seat should be 25 meters from the display maximum. 

Screen Height By Ratio

There is a popular rule that helps you determine the most optimal distance from the display based on the height of your projection display. The distance from the screen should not be more than eight times the height of the projection display. 

This rule is applied to movie projectors. For the slide projectors, the viewing distance should be shorter. 

Projection Display In Cinema 

Projection Display In Cinema 

How To Choose Projector Screen Size?

Here are some efficient methods to select the best projector screen size. 

Screen Material

If you watch outdoors or the watching environment is surrounded by much ambient light, opt for a white projection panel. The white color will reflect the image in bright conditions better. 

However, if you watch at night or the room is completely dark, then a gray projection panel is optimal. 

Black Screen 

Black Projector Screen 


There are various types of projectors with different image resolutions: 1080p, 2K, and 4K. Projectors with higher resolutions certainly give better image quality, but they are much more costly. 

A common 1080p or UHD projector is sufficient for study and entertainment if you use a projection display size between 80-120 inches. 

If you want more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below. 


This past will answer the questions asked about projector screen sizes. 

How To Measure Projector Screen Size?

Use a tape or ruler and measure the length from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. The length measures the size of your projector display. 

How Much Should You Spend On Your Screen?

The projection panel should cost only 15-30% of your projector price, which gives you the best money for value. In this way, you can also select a suitable screen for the quality of the projector. 

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a suitable screen size for your room conditions and projector qualities will give you the best watching experience. We hope that the information provided in this post can satisfy you.

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