Do Projectors Use A Lot Of Electricity? A Detailed Guide

With the increasing popularity of this device, many families are starting to think about having a projector at home. However, not many people clearly understand how to calculate the periodic amount of electricity.

Do projectors use a lot of electricity? Improper use of your projecting device can lead to a dramatic increase in your monthly electric bill.

The good news is that this article by Display Central will help you solve this problem. Read more to discover.

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Do Projectors Use A Lot Of Electricity? 

Projector equipment projecting digital images

Projector equipment projecting digital images

How many watts does a projector use? The average wattage that projectors can use ranges from 150 to 800 watts per hour.

At a basic level, the most affordable projectors use an average of 300 watts. This electricity consumption costs about three cents or $0.03 per hour.

More advanced projectors like the Ultra HD triple-laser lamp projecting device will consume more power. Power usage can be up to 800 watts per hour.

Besides, the brighter the bulb, the more energy it uses. So, consider this feature when shopping.

The denser the frequency of operation of the device, the greater the power consumption will be. Compared to HDTV, the projector will consume more electricity.

However, these devices are more energy-efficient than A/C devices.

Besides the cost of electricity, you also have to budget for a few other charges when using the projecting device. They may involve the cost of replacing parts or bulbs after a period of operation.

How To Measure Projector’s Electricity Consumption Properly?

Calculating the projector’s power consumption periodically is a reasonably simple task. All you need are a few simple arithmetic formulas and detailed equipment data.

LCD video projecting device at a business conference 

LCD video projecting device at a business conference 

Determine Your Projector Power

The first step that you need to keep in mind is to determine the capacity of the projection device. Manufacturers usually show this parameter on the sticker on the body of the projecting device.

If you’re hesitating between different models, visit the manufacturer’s website. They also often list detailed specifications on each product’s manual page.

If the consumption is 200W, this device will consume 200 watts per hour.

If you cannot find the power consumption anywhere, use a wattmeter.

Using this device is very simple; you just need to plug it into the socket. Then connect the projector to the measuring device.

The projector’s power will then appear on the screen. It will give you an estimate of your energy consumption per hour.

Calculate Daily Consumption

After knowing the projector’s wattage, you can calculate how much electricity the device uses each day.

If the device’s power is 200W and you usually operate it two hours a day, the total energy will be 200W*2 = 400W. You just need to use a simple multiplication to calculate.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to how to write units in the power meter. It uses units of kilowatts.

Compared to wattages, kilowatts are a higher unit of power measurement. One kilowatt is equal to 1000 watts.

Calculate Monthly Power Consumption

Calculating monthly consumption is as simple as daily calculation. However, it will be complicated if you want to get accurate results.

The simplest way is to operate the daily consumption by multiplying by the number of days in the month.

However, not every day do you operate the projecting device for the same amount of time. To ensure accuracy, record the number each day in an Excel sheet and summarize it at the end of the month.

How To Reduce Power Consumption?

Projector at camping

Projector at camping

Using too much energy when using the projector will be a considerable expense to pay each month. So, find a way to limit this number.

Fortunately, the manufacturers have understood this need of users and added several levels of settings.

The most notable mode is the “eco” mode. This setting can reduce bulb brightness and lower power consumption by almost 20%.

If you feel the consumption issue is a concern, you should also consider the appropriate projecting device type when shopping.

Compared to other LED or battery-powered projectors, an LCD projector will be a much more economical and energy-saving option.


If you still have any questions regarding projectors, find the answers here.

Should You Plug The Projector In All The Time? How Are Projectors Powered?

After turning off the power, it is better to keep the projecting device plugged into a power source for at least three minutes. It helps the device cool down and limits the damage.

Usually, the projector will come with a heavy power-saving mode and more than 2000 lumens brightness. This mode will help increase lamp life and limit energy consumption.

How Long Should You Use A Projector A Day?

In a typical environment, you should only operate the projecting device for two to four hours a day.

Regularly clean and tidy your room. The lamp will be less damaged if the projection space is clean, less dusty, and has an even light flow.


Do projectors use more electricity than TVs? Projectors use more energy than other electrical devices because of their high frequency of use. They consume an average of 150 to 800 watts per hour.

In addition, accessories such as the type of lens, bulb, and projecting device used can increase power usage.

Choosing a presentation device, therefore, plays a critical role. Consider and calculate carefully to optimize the monthly expenses of your family or business.

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