Can You Use Sky Go On A Projector? Expert’s Explain

Sky Go is a smart app used by many people. Despite its popularity, its use with a projector is still controversial. So, can you use Sky go on a projector?

It is a question many people ask, so in this article, I will help you find the answer!

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Can You Use Sky Go On A Projector? 

Watch Sky Go with projectors

Watch Sky Go with projectors

The answer is yes, but your projection room needs to have the right design with the right equipment. 

You can watch almost anything on your home theater TV, even while using a projector. So, you need to own or set up a suitable projection room and add some additional equipment; you can use this app on a projector. 

If the skybox is in the room, you need to add the Sky dish’s feed to the box’s location. After feeding the data, you will link the app to the cinema AV receiver with an HDMI cable.

Things To Consider To Use Sky Go On A Projector

Most cinemas properly store equipment boxes, ensuring they are effectively out of sight. It helps the projection room have a higher aesthetic, avoiding the appearance of ugly boxes. Yet, it challenges you on how to control the skybox.

Today, most device models allow you to control them remotely by the mechanism of infrared rays. So you need an open line of sight. If all of your boxes disappear from view, that’s completely impossible.

The design companies have developed a useful solution that allows you to control almost any device, projector, and volume with remote control to solve this dilemma. Because the remote only requires you to make a single button press to execute multiple commands.

For example, if you want to turn on the app, the control system will turn on the amplifier to turn on the skybox and projector without pressing many buttons.

And yet, when using this app on a projector, you need to note that only the main box is capable of playing 4k content if you intend to access SkyQ. 

If you want to prioritize viewing TV content in 4K from this application, remind the installation company. 

When they know this, they will develop a solution instead of installing a smaller mini box for a theater that only has HD content.

What Can You Watch On A Projector? 

Things to watch with projectors

Things to watch with projectors

Can you use a projector with Apple TV? With a projector, you can watch many things at home with family and friends. Some models equipped with modern features allow you to access all the devices used on the TV in your home. 

It can be that this is a feature that brings many benefits to users; you can access some popular applications such as SkyQ, Virgin Media, and Freeview TV. 

However, it would help to make sure the device that supports the service situation you want to see is always available.

You can read through the following example to make it easier to understand. In case when you want to watch Sky in the home theater, you need a SkyQ box. Even with a SkyQ box, you can access Netflix. 

Many projectors take advantage of Apple TV or Roku boxes for streaming services, bringing many conveniences to users. And yet, according to user reviews, the Blu Ray 4K UHD player is also a great addition with a firestick.

Can you use a firestick with a projector? Many services are now built-in TVs with a fire stick, and projectors do not integrate these services. 

If you intend to watch Freeview TV, you need a specialized device because the projector does not have a built-in tv tuner.


What devices support Sky Go?

This app is on tablets and many iOS and Android mobile devices. However, the manufacturer only supports iOS 12 and above and Android 9.0 and above. 

It supports the latest versions on browsers of computers running Windows or Mac OS, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. However, I recommend that you have the latest version installed before attempting to load any services.

Can you watch Sky Go through HDMI?



You can’t watch this app through HDMI because they have content rights. 

With this right, the manufacturer cannot provide optional options to the customer. So if you still want your car on the big screen, search for Chromecast from the mobile apps. You can visit the Chromecast website to learn more.

Can you cast Sky Go UK?

No, you cannot. The manufacturer does not support the option to cast from the Sky Go web application through the chrome browser. 

So if you still intend to watch, stream content from this app on your device. However, you need to make sure your device supports Chromecast Gen 3 or Ultra, or your Sony TV runs Android 7 or 8.

How do I mirror Sky Go from phone to TV?

To watch it on TV, you first need to connect your laptop, PC, or console to the TV’s HDMI port. Once done, need to run it on the device itself.

Please note that you cannot export videos via mobile, and streaming options will be limited as Sky Go does not allow it.


Above is the information I want to share with you about Sky Go. In fact, there are many problems related to the application, but the article’s main purpose is to help you answer the question: can you play Sky go through a projector

I hope through the article; you will have more useful knowledge about this application and have the correct answer to the problem.

If you have any related questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below so that we can promptly respond.

Finally, don’t forget to share this article with those who are thinking of combining these two together. It will most likely be of great help to them.

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