Can You Use Led Bulbs in Projector Headlights? The Answer Is Here!

Car headlights have come a long trip since tungsten filament lamps were used. Headlights are becoming more essential and trending among customers.

Nowadays, LED lighting is the most advanced and efficient lighting technology in the automotive industry. As a result, many people are now trying to use this type of bulb in the projector headlight as the popular and essential alternative.

With that in mind, you may be wondering, “Can you use led bulbs in projector headlights?” Let’s go with Display Central to find the answer right now!

Can You Use Led Bulbs in Projector Headlights?

Yes, the LED bulb works well in projector headlights because it emits high brightness, allowing projector headlights to work well. Also, it is designed to withstand all outer space weather conditions.

LEDs are very commonly used for projector headlights

According to a 2019 study, more than 85% of vehicles used LEDs in their headlights, increasing more than 30% from the previous year.

These bulbs are considered a brighter, more efficient alternative to their HID (high-intensity discharge lamps) and halogen counterparts in vehicle headlights.

They have a similar brightness level to HIDs and are three times brighter than standard halogen headlights, allowing them to be bright enough for use as a projector light. However, no one is perfect, and these bulbs are no exception!

This bulb type often complains about its ability to illuminate a long distance. Specifically, although it features a powerful front beam, it is not effective at projecting at long distances, leading to many safety risks.

Therefore, there is no denying that these products can reduce your driving experience. Especially when you drive at high speed, its lack of projection can put you in dangerous situations.

What Are Projector Headlights?

They were first applied to vehicles in 1980. The relatively new type of headlight consists of a light source housed inside a metal bowl, a shutter, a lens, and mirrored reflectors.

Its shutter is designed to cut out cluttered light beams. As a result, the light is directed only on your path without blinding other drivers. 

In addition, the rounded lens will be responsible for intensifying the beam of light. It will also help increase the distance you can see by shining further.

HID Vs. LED: Which Bulb Is Better?

HID bulbs. 

When the electric headlight first appeared in the 1900s, the halogen bulb was the most common. Then, in the 1990s, HIDs gradually replaced halogens. 

In recent years, LED has taken a unique position. So which type is better?


HID, also known as xenon, is a capsule that consists of two tungsten electrodes and contains metal salts and xenon.

The current flowing through these two electrodes will promote the reactions, leading to the evaporation of metal salts. The result of this chain reaction is a lighting plasma.

So, the HIDs will illuminate three times more than standard halogen lamps. In addition, these models use 35w power, which allows you to save energy.

On the downside, they will not light up instantaneously. The fact is that they will take ten to twenty seconds to hit full brightness. These models will put you at a disadvantage in emergencies while driving.


LED products utilize semiconductors to produce light.  In 2006, they were first applied to car headlights, and that vehicle was the Lexus LS 600h.

Audi recently introduced the system that utilizes up to twenty-five individual LEDs for each headlight 2013. These bulbs, inheriting the improvement in technology, are significantly great than HIDs.

They only use power ranging from 15 – 18w, allowing you to save more fuel. In addition, the lifespan is unparalleled, possibly even outlasting the car.

Unlike the HID models, they are almost instant on and provide instant peak brightness. Yet, equipping them with projectors requires the heat sink.

This heat sink is located behind the bulb and is about 1 inch long. It’ll make it difficult for manufacturers to create bulbs for unique cars.

LEDs outperform HIDs in most aspects, including lifespan, lumen output, efficiency, immediate start-up, etc. However, the LEDs require a heat sink, making them unsuitable for all cars.

What Is Brightness Best For The Projector Headlight?

These bulbs are widely utilized as they almost wholly overcome their predecessors’ disadvantages. 

The car’s headlights aim to provide the driver with enough light to see the road ahead. But they must not be too much light to dazzle other drivers.

So it is essential to answer the question, “Which light is right?”

The bulbs’ brightness is measured by lumens. The brightness of a traditional halogen bulb is about 1300 lumens that enough for night travel. But the HIDs are a great step with the ability to deliver 3000 lumens of brightness.

The introduction of LEDs has led to significant improvement in terms of illumination. Their brightness ranges from 2000 to 4000 lumens with the cooler color temperature.

So, how much brightness is enough? According to a study from the RAC, about 65% of drivers said they were dazzled by LEDs, even when they’re dipped.

The headlights should let drivers see any object on the road at least between fifty to one hundred meters ahead. Anything more than that would turn out to be dangerous.

A too bright headlight can dazzle other drivers, temporarily losing their sight and increasing the traffic accident risk.

Halogen Bulb Halogen Bulb Halogen Bulb
Color Temperature (K) 3200 4500 6000
Lumen Output 1300 3000 From 2000 to 4000


Which LED bulb is best for the projector headlight?

If you decide to go with this type of bulb, you have two options:

  • Buy an LED replacement kit
  • Buy a new headlight fixture complete with LED bulbs.

Each country and region has its road safety legislation. As a result, prohibited LED bulbs may be banned in some countries. However, you’ll be OK with an LED bulb in most cases, as long as it’s not too bright.

Some regions have even more stringent laws on the color temperature and maximum brightness of LED bulbs.

You need to make sure that you only buy high-quality models certified by well-known retailers.

What kind of bulbs do you use in the projector headlight?

Since the time car headlights were born, there are three types of bulbs used for the projector headlight, including halogen, HID, and LED.

These days, LED bulbs are widely used because they almost wholly overcome their predecessors’ disadvantages.

How do you orient LEDs in the projector headlight?

Your LED chip should always be facing upward. That means you should have it facing 12 o’clock.

Can you put LEDs in The Spyder projector headlight?

You should utilize bulbs provided with your products to complete installation. If the bulb is not included, you should transfer your OEM bulbs. Using aftermarket bulbs such as HID or  LED will void your warranty.

Are led bulbs good for projector headlights?

The answer is yes. They outperform halogens and HIDs in most respects.

The Bottom Line

LED bulbs work well in the projector headlight because of their superiority in every aspect. They are more efficient than any traditional bulb while saving you energy; their lifespan is unparalleled.

It is not surprising that more and more drivers are turning to this type of bulb for their vehicles. Thank you for reading!

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