Can You Use Firestick On A Projector With Or Without HDMI Port?

If you’re thinking of setting up a home cinema, finding a streaming device will be an important factor. One of the best quality devices available is the Fire TV Stick.

However, we are only used to connecting this device to the TV. So, can you use Firestick on a projector? To learn more about this issue, continue reading the following article of Display Central.

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Can You Use Firestick On A Projector? 

Firestick devise and remote background

Firestick device and remote background

In most cases, you can use the Fire Stick on a projector just like you would on a TV. Except for the setup and connection stages that involve potential troubles, the remaining uses are the same as when you use them for regular TV.

You can connect FireStick directly and start it up if the projector has HDMI.

In cases where space behind the projector is limited or if the unit has a shielding box, you will need to use an extension cable.

You’ll need an adapter to convert the plug to the appropriate input type for projectors that don’t come with HDMI. Please specify that input type to select the proper support device.

How To Connect Firestick To Projector With HDMI?

Choosing a Fire TV Stick will give you several benefits.

This type of device plays media in HD by default. Therefore, the presentation device needs to be able to respond to audio and video at this level.

Many Fire TV Sticks even come with Dolby Atmos capabilities to deliver the best sound quality.

The cost to invest in a device is also quite moderate. The rest you have to choose from will depend on the streaming service afterward.

Once you’ve got a Fire TV Stick, follow these steps to connect it to the projector.

HDMI connector and cable 

The standard type of HDMI connector and cable 

Check Your Projector For HDMI Compatibility

The first step that you need to do is make sure your presentation device has the HDMI option available and is compatible with it. If so, the job will become simple.

If your presentation device does not have this input, it will take a few more steps and support tools to connect.

Plug The Firestick Into The HDMI Port On The Projector

If the back of your projector has a built-in HDMI input slot and has enough space, just plug this Fire Stick in.

With limited spaces, you will need to connect your device with an extension cable. Once connected, you can start streaming media content.

Select Your Streaming Service

After successfully connecting the Fire Stick to the device, start using it. You will get the Fire TV Stick interface on the projector screen.

Let’s start configuring this device again in the settings. The first step is to connect to the wifi available in the network settings.

In this remote configuration flow, you are free to increase or decrease the volume according to your purpose. Don’t forget to check the connection with the remote with the Firestick to ensure the best signal.

Choose the streaming service you want to watch your favorite movies and shows. The broadcasting services available are very diverse. These include Disney+, Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and many more.

After you plug in the device, these slideshow services will appear on the home screen as logos. You can choose your favorite apps.

Don’t forget to enter your personal login information into the app if necessary. Finally, just choose the movies and shows that you want to follow.

Watch Your Show Or Movie

This step is the last step of the entire tutorial. After you have finished selecting the program, everything is done.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy the special performances. For a better experience, check the sounds to see if they are integrated.

How To Connect Firestick To A Projector Without HDMI?

HDMI is gradually becoming a basic standard of most presentation devices. However, some users of older projector models may lack this input.

The good news is that you can still connect to Firestick with different ports with the support of devices.

It’s worth noting that the adapter may limit the audio and video quality you require. There will be a bit of sacrifice to connect this smart device.

HDMI and VGA connector 

HDMI and VGA connector 

Check The Type Of Input Sources That Your Projector Can Handle

The first step you need to take care of is to check what type of input source your projector can connect to. If the model and model are too old, they may not support Firestick services and facilities.

The output image, in this case, maybe distorted and grainy. It negatively affects the visual experience of each individual.

If you have a newer model but still don’t have HDMI, you might consider using an adapter. The two most common projector input types except HDMI are:

  • RCA: This is a type of circular port and usually comes in two ports, video and audio. If the device has a component video input, there are three RCA ports with two audio and one video.
  • VGA: This type of connector is older and often appears on computer monitors. It has a trapezoidal shape with 15 small holes and rounded edges.

Use An HDMI Converter For The Appropriate Input Type

Now that you know your projector’s input, please choose the appropriate HDMI adapter. It will be the plug that acts as an intermediary between the projector and the Firestick.

Adapter selection is not a simple matter. You will need to select the device depending on the port on your projector.

The RCA port will only accept the HDMI to VGA converter. They are also similar to the two types of ports, VGA and DVI.

Make sure all of these adapters are working to help convert any digital signals into analog signals.

In many cases, too old projectors will not support the connection to deliver the exact picture and sound quality desired.

If you want to enhance the quality of your media, add an audio and video extractor to support Firestick.

Then run this type of decompressor and fiber optic cable to connect the device again. Upgrading your projector from the start will save you money and make the process easier.

Select Your Streaming Service

So you have completed connecting the Fire Stick to the projector with a missing HDMI port. The next step is to choose the streaming service you will use to follow your favorite shows.

You just need to select the service icon you want to use on the screen. Fire TV Stick offers a lot of different provider choices.

Don’t forget to enter your login information to start choosing your favorite music or movie. Whatever your choice, the Fire TV Stick can respond effectively.

Begin Watching Your Show Or Movie

Start watching your favorite show once all the parts are fully assembled. You’ll need some popcorn and coke to enjoy the thrill of your favorite movie.

What If You Have To Set Up The PC, PS4, Firestick, Nintendo, And Projector At Once? 

Remote for Amazon FireStick TV app store 

Remote for Amazon FireStick TV app store 

If you want to connect PS4, PC, Nintendo, and Firestick, you will need to equip a 4×1 HDMI switcher. It will make it easy to connect up to four different devices.

You will also need to add another device that includes an HDMI male to connect to the switcher. Once done, start connecting each device to the 4×1 HDMI switcher port.

Don’t forget to power on the device you connected to the HDMI input port.

Next, we’ll start taking advantage of the HDMI output. Use the cable to connect your projector to the projector’s HDMI output and selection port.

Use the power cable to power on your adapter. If you want to control it remotely, use an adapter to connect it with an IR control cable.

Common Problems

You may encounter some common problems when starting to connect the Fire TV Stick to the presentation device as follows.

Your Firestick Won’t Work On Your Projector.

Firestick models now come with HDR picture settings and even 4K resolution. If your presentation device is not compatible with this resolution level, it will not work.

This problem will be solved by lowering the Firestick’s output resolution in the settings.

Another cause is HDCP-protected video content. Some devices that use the HDMI connector will not be compatible with HDCP.

The final cause is the lack of energy in the Fire Stick. Connect it to a fast, portable charger or USB port to solve this problem.

There Is No Sound

Sometimes the Dolby output selection may have kicked in without you noticing. If so, you need to disable this option to hear the audio more clearly.

To turn off this sound, go into the settings and select the sound and display options. Find the Dolby digital audio output to fine-tune the various options.

Audio Is Out Of Sync

If your audio connection is lost, follow these steps to resolve it:

  • With the unit’s built-in speakers, you’ll need to go into the projector menu to find a setting that helps you synchronize the sound and make adjustments.
  • With separate soundbars and speakers, make the audio sync adjustment of that audio output device.
  • You can also connect the Fire TV Stick directly to a soundbar or speaker using the input and connect to a projector on the output. It helps to get rid of the out-of-sync sounds.


Can You Use Firestick On Projector

How Do You Get Sound From Your Firestick To Your Projector?

The best solution is to connect the presentation device to a soundbar amplifier or speaker.

You can even enhance the visual experience by adding subwoofers, stands, and amps to get the most out of your device’s Dolby Atmos feature.

How Do You Connect Your Fire Stick To Your TV?

To connect the Fire TV Stick to your smart video, do the following:

  • Plug the Firestick’s power adapter into a power outlet. Connect one end of the USB cable to the power adapter.
  • Plug the other end of the USB into your Firestick device and connect it to your TV’s HDMI port.
  • You will need an HDMI HDCP 2.2 or 4K port to watch programs of this quality. You will likely have to shine a light on the port label to find it.

How Do You Connect Your Fire Stick To Your Non-Smart TV?

In case you only have a basic TV but still want to use the Fire Stick, follow these steps:

  • Using a USB adapter, plug the Fire Stick into a power outlet.
  • Connect the device to the available HDMI connector on the TV.
  • Select the HDMI that you connect to the Fire TV Stick on the TV.
  • Insert two AAA batteries into the remote control.
  • Connect the device to a wifi network and sign in with your Amazon account.

How Do You Set Up Your Amazon Fire Stick?

After connecting your Amazon Fire Stick to your TV, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions to connect to wifi. Don’t forget to download the latest software update.

Then, sign in to your Amazon account. Go to the website and enter the verification code. Finally, follow the on-screen questions to set up device control.

How Do You Connect Your Amazon Fire Stick To WiFi?

To connect Fire TV Stick to wifi, follow these steps:

  • Connect the Fire Stick to the TV and power.
  • Go to Settings at the top.
  • Select network.
  • Choose your home Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter the network password.
  • Select Connect.

Why Is Your Fire TV Stick Not Connecting?

Local network problems and internet connection problems will disconnect the Firestick. Besides, wireless network signal strength is too low is also a common reason.


You can use the Fire Stick on the projector by connecting it to the HDMI port. If your presentation device does not support HDMI, use compatible adapters.

Connecting the Fire TV Stick gives you access to even more immersive entertainment. Don’t hesitate to give it a try today!

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