Can You Play DVDs On A Projector? Check Out For The Correct Answer

It would be an excellent experience to display your DVDs on the big screen of your projection system. But can you play DVDs on projector?

Modern projectors come with advanced features to bring users the best enjoyment. You can expect additions that allow you to display your DVD content. 

Display Central will explain how your DVD player and projector can work together. Let’s join us! 

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Can You Play DVDs On A Projector? 

Yes, you can. Simply connect the DVD player to the projector, and there you go. There are several ways to help you perform the hookup quickly. 

RCA cable

An old player features RCA ports. If you use such a player, please follow the steps below to connect it to a projection display:

  • Plug the yellow cable (aka S Video Cable) into the DVD player’s “Out” port.
  • Connect the other end of the wire to the projector’s “In” port.
  • Turn on both devices. 
  • Press the “Menu” button on your projector. 
  • Choose the player from the various input options after selecting the video setting. 
  • You can now show DVD pictures on the screen by choosing “Video” input. Other selections are “VGA” and “Computer.”
  • For audio, insert the white and red RCA cables to the speakers and the DVD players. You can also attach them to your TV’s “In” port for audio. 

RCA cables work with old models 

RCA cables work with old models 


If your player and projector both have an HDMI input connector, we’ll show you how to connect them here.

  • Plug the HDMI cable into the player’s HDMI output port. The other end will go into your projector in the input port. 
  • Audio output options include HDMI, Digital/ Coaxial optical, or analog audio, depending on the player type.
  • Select one and connect one end of the cable to the player and the other to the sound system.
  • Turn on both of your gadgets. You may now need to select the HDMI port on the projector where you inserted the cable.

HDMI cables are flexible tools

HDMI cables are flexible tools

With an adapter

You can use the VGA projector to connect your DVD player, but an HDMI to VGA adapter is necessary for this task. 

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the player using the adapter. 
  • Plug the VGA cable in the adapter, and the other end goes into the VGA port on the projector. 
  • Turn on your devices. If necessary, switch on your adapter too. 

With a transmitter 

The last way to play DVDs on a projector is to use the transmitter. Here is how to do it: 

  • Connect the receiver and projector using a single HDMI cable.
  • Attach the power source to the receiver.
  • Link the transmitter to the player with the HDMI cable. 
  • Plug the transmitter into the power source using the power adapter. 
  • Attach the IR remote emitter to the transmitter’s IR “Out” jack and link the IR receiver to the IR “In” jack. 
  • Select the appropriate HDMI input port on the projector after turning on all of your devices.

You can connect the devices after using one of the methods above. Then, feel free to play your content on the projection system. 

Best Projectors With Built-In DVD Player 

If you use a projector with a built-in DVD player, your job will become much easier. You don’t have to deal with the wiring setup every time you use it. 

Here are the best projectors that turn your installation task a breeze.

BIGASUO Bluetooth Version 2020 

This model features a 4500-lumen display. Because of the LED technology, it can last at least 20,000 hours and deliver more brilliant colors than its LCD counterpart.

This device also has a 4500-lumen output and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. These features help it provide a clean and bright image even in poorly lit settings.

The best part is that the BIGASUO model is actually all-in-one. It has a DVD player, audio system, and remote control.

You can also use Bluetooth to link to external speakers for improved sound quality if necessary. There are also numerous input ports available for different interfacing devices.

You can learn more about this product right here: 

BIGASUO Version 2019

This model is another excellent option, but it differs slightly from the 2020 version. It has a 4000-lumen panel that outputs 1080p HD. The 1080p produced by this device may be a better alternative for those seeking higher image quality.

Please remember that you won’t even notice much change if you mostly play DVDs. The LCD panel and 4000-lumen production will offer a similar experience, although it requires more regular upkeep. 

You’ll have an all-in-one machine. Feel free to link it to external speakers and numerous devices using the input ports. 

Models with built-in features are convenient

Models with built-in features are convenient


You can play DVDs on your projector with simple tasks and tools, such as HDMI or RCA cables. However, if you choose a model with a built-in DVD player, you will spend much less time setting up the system. 

Hopefully, this guide can help you handle your devices at ease. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading! 

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