Can A Projector Be Connected To A Phone? 5 Facts You Should Know

We use projectors in many places, such as classrooms, meetings, and our home, to get a better viewing screen and watching experience. This device has made our lives much more productive and comfortable. 

You can do virtually every task with a projector (watching movies, playing games, or web browsing) by connecting it with another media device. But can a projector be connected to a phone?

The answer is yes. You can pair your projector with a phone via two methods: wired and wireless connection. Some common tools needed are connecting cables or supported Bluetooth function on both devices. 

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What Is A Phone?

Smartphones with touch screens are perhaps the most popular electrical gadgets globally. With the rapid advancement of technology, phones are getting smarter and more portable with stronger performance.  

We can perform every task on this small device: web browsing, video watching, playing games, texting, or taking photos. Most modern smartphones have lightning or USB inputs on the side or underneath the screen. 

These inputs are commonly used to plug in the charging cable, but you can also plug in connecting cables to pair the phone with the other devices, such as TV or computer. 

Many high-end smartphones support Bluetooth and screen mirroring functions, allowing them to be connected with the other devices wirelessly. These features help us exchange the data and images between electrical devices easier. 

For example, the classy iPhone products can be paired with Airpods via Bluetooth. They all belong to the Apple ecosystem and are designed to work optimally with each other. 

However, you can pair the phone with other devices using different systems, such as Android. As long as you have the cable or the devices support wireless connections, you can connect them easily.

An Overview Of The Projectors

Projectors are popular optical devices used widely in the modern world. It projects the image on a big screen for a large audience to see more clearly. 

We use projectors to make presentations in classrooms and conference halls or place them in the home theater system to watch films and movies and play games. 

How the projectors work is very complicated, but in simple terms, this device produces the image by projecting light from the projector bulb. The device will project this light on the screen or wall and make it visible to our eyes. 

High-end projectors can produce as high image quality as any TV or computer screen. The typical projectors have a small rectangular shape and weigh around 2-3 pounds. 

Similar to other electrical gadgets, projectors have multiple connecting inputs (USB-C, USB-A, HDMI). Many high-end models like the Bluetooth connector even support wireless connections. 

Using Projectors At Home 

Can A Projector Be Connected To A Phone? 

You can connect a projector to a phone by using connecting cables (USB-C, HDMI, MHL, VGA) or through wireless connections such as Bluetooth, Wifi network, or Google Chromecast.  

Depending on the type of projector and the type of connecting cables available, you can select a suitable connecting method. 

Wired Connection

You will need a connecting cable suitable for the ports in the projectors and phones. The common projectors will support multiple types of connecting input; the most common ones are HDMI and USB type C. 

Meanwhile, your smartphone only has one or two inputs, which are usually lightning or USB-C. Therefore you have to use a cable with compatible connections and plug its ends into the right inputs on your devices. 

For example, an old generation iPhone will use a lightning input. So you have to use a special converter that changes the lightning port to HDMI or USB-C. 

If you have a USB-C cable, plug one end into the port on the adapter and the other one into the USB-C port on your projector. In this way, the image of your smartphone will appear on the projected screen when the device operates. 

USB-C Cable

Wireless Connection

Using a cable is quite inconvenient, as you have to stand next to your projector while holding the phone. You cannot carry the phone around and control the content on the screen effectively. 

In a home theater system, pairing your phone with the projectors via a wired connection is impossible in many situations. For example, you need to hold your phone to switch between watching content or doing other tasks like texting. 

If the projector is hung on the wall or mounted on the ceiling, the cable is not long enough to reach your position, and it will be uncomfortable anyway. 

For these reasons, connecting projectors to phones wirelessly is the most optimal and convenient option. The steps are also easier as you don’t have to locate the input location and find a suitable connecting cable. 

You can pair the phones with projectors using the same Wifi network or through Bluetooth. Ensure that both devices support wireless connections and can be connected to the Internet. 

How To Connect An Android Phone To The Projector?

The steps are different depending on your connecting option: wired or wireless. Ensure that you follow the steps carefully to pair these two devices with ease.  

Using cable 

  • Identify the type of input on your phone. If you don’t know, search for the model name on the Internet or check the owner’s manual. 
  • If you have a suitable connecting cable with compatible inputs, use it. If the cable is damaged or unsuitable, you can purchase the right one in nearby electric stores. 
  • Now plug one end of the cable into your phone, and the other end goes to the projector. Ensure that you choose the right inputs. 
  • Wait for a few seconds and turn on your projector. The image on the phone will appear on the projected screen, which means that the connection has been established. 


  • Ensure that your phone and projector both support Bluetooth or can be connected to the Internet. 
  • Open settings and connect them to the same wifi network. Then select “Wifi direct” in the settings and select your projector network. The two devices will automatically pair.

How To Connect An iphone To The Projector? 

The new iPhone models have USB-C input, so you can use a USB-C connecting cable. Repeat the same process as on Android phones, and you can easily pair your iPhone with the projector. 

Yet, the older iPhone generations only have the lightning input. Therefore, you must purchase an additional adapter that converts the lightning port to USB-C. 

Iphones can be paired with projectors when connected to the same Wifi network. Select “wifi direct in the settings” and repeat the same steps to connect them. 

Can a projector be connected to an Ipad? The answer is yes; because an Ipad works similarly to the iphone, so you just have to follow the same steps. 

If you want more in-depth instructions, consider watching the video below.

An iPhone 

Final Thoughts

Learning to pair projectors with phones and other devices is important if you use them. We hope that you are satisfied with the answer provided in this post.

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