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2013 FLEX

LIM Presents Results on Electrowetting Displays

‘Liquids in Motion’ (LIM GmbH) the German subsidiary of ADT (Advanced Display Technologies) from Switzerland presnted their work on electrowetting displays.  The technology company described large sized pixels with color

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Opalux Shows New Display Concept at 2013 FLEX

Mobile Displays - At the 2013 FLEX Conference Opalux presented a novel idea for creating color displays.  The idea is similar to the now discontinued Mirasol display from Qualcomm.  Spacing

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PARC Uses Printing Expertise to Create Flexible Electronics

Emerging Technology - PARC was exhibiting some printed flexible electronics components and devices.  Based on their printing expertise, they have developed processes to create not only single components, but also

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AGI Creates a Materials Registry for Components and Materials

Supply Chain - AGI Abbie Gregg, Inc. is working to create a materials registry for flexible electronics and displays.  Working with the FlexTech Alliance, AGI is compiling information on materials

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E-Ink Shows New Products at 2013 Flex Conference

Mobile Displays - During the 2013 FLEX conference in Phoenix, AZ we had a chance to check in with e-Ink and take a look at their latest products.  Besides their

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