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Luxint Proposes High-Powered Hybrids

At SID, Insight Media had a chance to talk to Nayef Abu-Ageel, founder and CEO of Luxint, Inc. (Westborough, MA), about his company’s developments of a hybrid green light source suited for high-power projectors.  He was demonstrating it in the I-Zone on the show floor, but I missed it there so I stopped in Westborough […]

At SID 2012, Solomon Systech Unveiled the SSD2828 Interface Converter

At SID 2012, Solomon Systech unveiled the SSD2828 interface converter.  It converts an RGB signal to a MIPI interface signal for use on mobile phones and tablets.  It can drive up to FHD resolution.  For more: www.solomon-systech.com

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At SID 2012, Wamco Shows Range of Rugged LCD Displays

At SID 2012, Wamco showed a range of rugged LCD displays for military, aerospace, defense and paramilitary applications.  All are daylight viewable and include a secondary backlight that is NVIS compliant for use with night vision goggles.  Wamco manufactures many of the key components and assembles the solution.  The company also showed a new AMOLED […]

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Schott Demonstrates Coating for Fingerprint and Oil/Water Rejection at SID 2012

Jessica Black of Schott Advanced Optics shows their durable Daro oliophobic coating to reduce fingerprints on display surfaces.  She shows how a plain glass surface, a glass surface with an anti-reflection coating (Conturan) and one with Conturan and Daro coating is superior for fingerprint visibility and oil and water rejection.  For more: www.schott.com

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Renesas Demonstrates On-Cell Touch Screen Panel at SID 2012

Renesas Electronics America was at SID 2012 to show prototype on-cell touch screen panel with high transmissivity.  For more: www.renesas.com

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How Renesas is Related to NLT Technologies and Tianma

At SID 2012, Dean Collins of Renesas Electronics America explains how it is a related to NLT Technologies (formerly NEC LCD technologies).  In 2010, NEC Electronics America merged with Hitachi Semiconductor and Mitsubishi Semiconductor Electronics to form Renesas Electronics America.  In July 2011, NLT Technologies was formed as a joint venture between NEC Corp. and […]

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Renesas Shows Glasses-Free 3D Displays at SID 2012

Dale Maunu of Renesas Electronics America describes their glasses-free 3D displays at SID 2012.  A 3.1″ panel has WQVGA(400×240) for each eye and is a 6-view type.  They use a horizontal RGB stripe that allows the use of a vertical lenticular lens.  The panel can support 2-view, 3-view or up to 6-view image display – […]

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Renesas to Offer Projected Capacitance Touch Screen Solutions for Commercial Use

Renesas Electronics America uses SID 2012 to describe their new projected capacitance touch screen solutions, which can now be supplied integrated with the display directly from the factory.  Options include direct bond and air gap solution with in-house sensor and driver board – all optimized for the commercial display market.  Sizes range from 10.4 to […]

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Qualcomm Shows HD Mirasol Display with 30Hz Frame Rate

Qualcomm MEMS Technology showed new Mirasol Display prototypes at SID.  This one is a 4.3″ demo with high definition (1280×720) resolution – the first time shown in public. It has 343ppi and up to 30Hz frame rate – fully reflective display. For more: www.qualcomm.com

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Qualcomm Shows Improved 5.7″ Mirasol Display at SID 2012

Qualcomm MEMS Technology showed new Mirasol Display prototypes at SID.  This one is a 5.7″ demo with improved image quality and reduced power usage.  For more: www.qualcomm.com

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