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Dolby Reaches New Heights at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850 Pre-sale, Dolby IMB with High Frame Rate, and Dolby Digital Cinema solutions raise the standard of the entertainment experience Hollywood, FL, November 6, 2012 – Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) will showcase its latest digital cinema offerings at ShowEast 2012 (Westin® Diplomat Resort & Spa, booth 1103). […]

Digital Cinema – It now looks like the end is in sight for the discontinuation of film-based movies and Virtual Print Fees (VPF), which is the mechanism to help exhibitors transition from film to digital.  This will creates headaches for the 45K to 50K screens that are still film-based worldwide.

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Barco Describes Their CineCare Offering at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – At ShowEast 2012, Insight Media met with Barco to discuss their new CineCare offering, a managed services solution for the cinema industry.  In this video, Barco explains the basic of how the solution works.  It is different from other offerings in that it is targeted for smaller theater operators and system integrators […]

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Lightspeed Design Advises Caution When Buying a 3D Polarization Modulator

Display Accessories – Lightspeed Design was one of the first companies to offer a polarization modulator to switch the polarization state of the projector to offer a passive 3D capability.  Now that RealD’s patents have expired in this area, we are seeing many new competitors enter the market.   What Lightspeed Design CEO Chris Ward suggests however, is […]

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Volfoni Showcases its Smart Crystal Polarization Modulator at ShowEast 2012

Display Accessories– Volfoni was at ShowEast to primarily highlight its Smart Crystal Cinema product (http://www.volfoni.com/en/products/passive/polarizer/smartcrystal-cinema), which is a polarization modulator to enable passive 3D in a cinema using a single projector and a polarization preserving screen.  The company offers a solution with one of the largest apertures and has been approved by Disney for their content.  Volfoni […]

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Master Image Show Four New 3D Polarized Projection Options at ShowEast 2012

Display Accessories – Master Image has offered a rotating polarization wheel product for 3D exhibition for several years.  At ShowEast 2012, it demonstrated new ways to show 3D using polarized light.  In this video, we describe four new products for accomplishing 3D polarized projection. See press release at: http://www.display-central.com/projection/masterimage-3d-expands-suite-of-3d-digital-cinema-systems-to-meet-the-evolving-needs-of-exhibitors-worldwide/

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Qube Cinema Demos its Qube Touch Software to Manage the Integrated Media Block at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – Qube Cinema was showing it cinema sever, integrated media block and new software tool, called Qube Touch, that allows operators to easily ingest, schedule, manage and monitor the content either at the projector or using an app that allows a smartphone to interface with the software for remote control. See press release […]

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Doremi Describes their New Integrated Media Server at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – Doremei has developed a new Internal Media Server, sometimes called an Integrated Media Server (IMS).  The IMS integrates the Integrated Media Block along with a processor and storage and is built into the digital cinema projector to provide decryption and playback of DCI compliant content.  The video describes the features of the […]

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The Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor Debuts at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – Dolby has developed a new sound solution called Atmos that the company hopes will become the next standard for sound mixing in the cinema industry.  At ShowEast 2012, it showed off the CP850, the Atmos Cinema Processor box which will sit in theaters that support the new standard to render the audio track for […]

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The Dolby Atmos Sound Processing Solution is Explained at ShowEast 2012

Digital Cinema – Dolby has developed a new sound solution called Atmos that the company hopes will become the next standard for sound mixing in the cinema industry.  At ShowEast 2012, it set up a small area with 12 speakers and a processor board to explain and demonstrate the incredible capabilities of this new solution. […]

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