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Turning the Corner in CE Sales on TVs and Tablets

Turning the Corner in CE Sales on TVs and Tablets

Market Intelligence – New data on the consumer electronics or CE sales this week shows that consumer spending is expected to increase 9% in 2013. NPD reports in their consumer focused, Household Penetration Study that individual consumers will spend over $555 for new consumer electronic devices this year.  They also

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What’s All This About White Spaces?

Broadcast & Distribution – In 2010, ’11 and ’12, the the FCC adopted several decisions modifying the rules for unlicensed wireless devices that operate in broadcast television spectrum.  Previously, Part 15 of the FCC Rules and Regulations required that intentional and unintentional radiators of RF energy comply with emission level limitations that were defined to […]

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The End of an Era: Philips Consumer Electronics is Sold

Business & Strategic – It is with some sadness that I report on the passing of an old friend: Philips Consumer Electronics.  Last week, Royal Philips Electronics announced that it has signed an agreement transferring its Lifestyle Entertainment business – including audio, video, multimedia and accessories – to Funai Electric Co., for which the Dutch […]

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CES 2013 or Should We Say CAS?

Display Industry – The CES 2013 is over and all of us writers are struggling to bring all those notes to the various publications in time.  There was so much to see that not one single person can really claim to have seen every single product on the show floor or the various company suites […]

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Mobile DTV: The Third Time’s the Charm?

Broadcast & Distribution – In anticipation of the annual international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, various CE companies, together with the major Mobile DTV service organizations, are announcing products and services to support this fledgling medium. A new RCA Mobile TV Tablet (Model DDA850R) is being introduced this week at CES as the […]

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Welcome to 2013, CES and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – Here we are in 2013 and CES is just around the corner.  The new year has come and many analysts have given us their opinion what the year will bring.  Most of the analysts believe that the trends of 2012 will continue. More Smartphones and Tablets will be sold and they are […]

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Expanded Role for Portable Devices on Airplanes?

Broadcast & Distribution – Sounds like one Fed chair is getting in his last licks before a potential U.S Executive Branch mid-term reorganization.  FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski last week called on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to “enable greater use of tablets, e-readers, and other portable devices” during flights in a letter sent Thursday to […]

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Basic Cable Will Now Be Encrypted: Good or Bad Idea?

Broadcast & Distribution – In October, the FCC issued a Report and Order, amending their rules to allow cable operators to encrypt the basic service tier in all-digital cable systems, if they comply with certain consumer-protection measures. With this rule change, consumers can have their cable service activated and deactivated from a remote location. By […]

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Moveover 3D Video, Here Comes 3D Sound

Digital Cinema – As Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock described last week in this column, several companies are now working on enhanced audio reproduction that goes beyond 5.1 channels. With 3D video, the developers maintain that a new “virtual” sound placement must be created to augment the 3D experience. Cinema technology providers Barco and Dolby are […]

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Positive Trend in the CE Industry

Market Intelligence –  Two weeks ago I discussed the results of Samsung’s and Apple’s third quarter results.  This week I want to discuss the results of the not so fortunate companies in the CE Industry. As we all have heard, Sharp is in bad shape with several companies including Intel and Apple rumored to be […]

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