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Turning the Corner in CE Sales on TVs and Tablets

Market Intelligence – New data on the consumer electronics or CE sales this week shows that consumer spending is expected to increase 9% in 2013. NPD reports in their consumer

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What’s All This About White Spaces?

Broadcast & Distribution - In 2010, ’11 and ’12, the the FCC adopted several decisions modifying the rules for unlicensed wireless devices that operate in broadcast television spectrum.  Previously, Part

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The End of an Era: Philips Consumer Electronics is Sold

Business & Strategic - It is with some sadness that I report on the passing of an old friend: Philips Consumer Electronics.  Last week, Royal Philips Electronics announced that it

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CES 2013 or Should We Say CAS?

Display Industry - The CES 2013 is over and all of us writers are struggling to bring all those notes to the various publications in time.  There was so much

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Mobile DTV: The Third Time’s the Charm?

Broadcast & Distribution - In anticipation of the annual international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, various CE companies, together with the major Mobile DTV service organizations, are announcing

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Welcome to 2013, CES and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality - Here we are in 2013 and CES is just around the corner.  The new year has come and many analysts have given us their opinion what the

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Expanded Role for Portable Devices on Airplanes?

Broadcast & Distribution - Sounds like one Fed chair is getting in his last licks before a potential U.S Executive Branch mid-term reorganization.  FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski last week called

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Basic Cable Will Now Be Encrypted: Good or Bad Idea?

Broadcast & Distribution - In October, the FCC issued a Report and Order, amending their rules to allow cable operators to encrypt the basic service tier in all-digital cable systems,

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Moveover 3D Video, Here Comes 3D Sound

Digital Cinema - As Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock described last week in this column, several companies are now working on enhanced audio reproduction that goes beyond 5.1 channels. With 3D

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Positive Trend in the CE Industry

Market Intelligence –  Two weeks ago I discussed the results of Samsung’s and Apple’s third quarter results.  This week I want to discuss the results of the not so fortunate

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