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The Chinese TV Dragon Dances at CES

TV – Chinese TV set makers were at CES in force, determined to take more of the North American market – not only with sets sold under private labels but, increasingly, under their own. This trend has been visible for the last couple of years, but this year it was

CES 2013 – Sony Shows OLED UHDTV

TV – Sony was at CES 2013 where they unveiled an OLED TV with UHD or 4K resolution.  The OLED UHDTV offered incredible images and is similar in quality to one showed by Panasonic at CES. You need to [ Register ] or  Login to view this content. 

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CES 2013 – Sony’s Booth Features a Cool 360-degree Screen Surrounding the Booth

Projection – High End - Sony created a cool booth display that featured an array of blended projectors that created a 360-degree screen complete with content to take advantage of this unique pallet

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CES 2013 – Dimension Technologies Shows Glasses Free 3D Displays

Glasses free 3D displays - Dimension Technologies was at CES 2013 showing the latest version of its glasses free 3D displays.  Their approach is a bit different using a time multiplexed backlight to create views at a rapid rate.  This is a very interesting area of technology development for glasses

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CES 2013 – Sensio Says 3DGO!, a 3D Content Delivery Service, Is Ready to Launch

Broadcast & Distribution - At CES 2013, Sensio demonstrated their 3DGO! 3D content delivery service on the new Vizio 3DTV for the first time.  The video describes the service, features and benefits.  It is really simple – take a look.

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CES 2013 – Sensio Describes Partners and Ecosystem for its 3DGO! Service

Broadcast & Distribution - Sensio is rolling out its 3DGO!, a 3D content delivery service.  In this video, Sensio describes some of the partners it is working with as well as future plans it is working on, including work with content partners, chip makers and TV makers. You need to

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CES 2013 – Vuzix Shows M100 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses Eyewear

Augmented Reality / Personal Eyewear - Vuzix described the M100, which they say is a “Smart Glasses” product.  The product, which is similar to the Google Glasses product, packs a surprising amount of technology into a tiny package to provide a discrete image in a portion of the user’s field of view.  Very cool.

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CES 2013 – XpanD Shows New 3D Products

Augmented reality / personal eyewear - XpanD was at CES 2013 to show a new 3D products that included a DLPLink to RF synchronization converter, plus new 3D glasses and its new Amblyz product for helping in the therapy for children with lazy eye or amblyopia.

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CES 2013 – Vuzix Describes Waveguide Virtual Display and Applications

augmented reality / personal eyewear - Vuzix describes their waveguide virtual display, which is a see-through augmented reality display at CES 2013.  It includes a pico projector, mirror, waveguide and grating to generate a virtual image. You need to [ Register ] or  Login to view this content. 

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Broadcast and Distribution - Announcements made before, during and after the CES 2013 confab give little doubt of 3D content growing both in availability and distribution, as Content providers, Studio’s, and  TV makers, found ways to broaden the offering of 3D games, movies, TV and programming.  Let’s take a look.

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