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Lytro Introduces Professional-Grade Light Field Camera

Camera/Camcorder- Lytro Inc. (Mountain View, CA) has announced a high-end version of its light field camera, the Lytro Illum. The Lytro Illum has a 40 Megaray customized sensor that uses

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MIT Technology Review Names Top Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technology – On April 23rd, MIT Technology Review released its 2013 list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies that emerged in 2013.  MIT Technology Review is an independent media company owned

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Exhibitors’ Forum Schedule & How to Get the Most Out of the Display Week Exhibition

This year, approximately 200 exhibitors and Innovation Zone participants will be on hand at Display Week to showcase their latest products, services, and prototypes. Don’t miss this opportunity to see

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Orthogonal Photolithography for high-resolution OLED microdisplay and micro signage applications

Fraunhofer COMEDD presents first results of the new technology at SID 2014 The realization of OLED technology is contingent upon the development of appropriate materials, processing strategies and device structures which

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The Flexible OLED Wearable Future

Flexible Display - Despite all attempts to the contrary, a 12M unit order for new flexible OLED display panels was simply too hard for LG Display to conceal.  So once again,

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MIT Developing the FingerReader

Emerging Technology - A team in The Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Laboratory (Cambridge, MA), headed by Ph.D. student Roy Shilkrot are working on the so-called FingerReader.  This

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Tactus Panel Moves Quickly to Production

User Interface – A Tactus Panel, developed by Tactus Technology, is a structured layer that can sit on top of a touch screen display or is embedded into it.  Using

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Interview with David Barnes About Flexible Displays

Flexible Display - One of the topics that makes a lot of headlines in the display world today are flexible displays.  With the growing interest within the display industry, SID and

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4K Everywhere at NAB and Insight Media (Part 1)

At the recently concluded NAB conference, virtually everybody was discussing 4K production, post-production, broadcast and distribution.  Since there was a lot of 4K at NAB, Insight Media has published a

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4K Everywhere at NAB and Insight Media (Part 3)

Part 1: Introduction plus NAB and 4K: Now and in the future. Part 2: 4K Cameras; 4K live production equipment Part 3: 4K Encoding and Decoding; 4K Displays and Display

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