New 3D Model of Paris Offers Interesting Opportunities

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Chris Chinnock

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Some Paris 3D Models Developed by Dassault Systemes

France-based Dassault Systemes has teamed up with local historians and archeologists to create a 3D model of Paris consisting of building that were instrumental in the development of the city.  The models run from pre-Roman times to the building of the Eiffel Tower in 1889.  There are about 5-6 buildings that have been developed so far, with more in process.  The video below gives a summary of some of the models that were developed.

Users can take guided tours from the Paris 3D web browser or on the corresponding iPad app.

The experience was revealed in early October in Paris as part of a giant virtual reality show, featuring nine screens with different clips of the city during various periods. Some 15,000 Parisians attended the launch.

“We demonstrated that virtual reality is a real tool for research, education and cultural exploration for the general public,” says Mehdi Tayoubi, VP of design and experimental strategy at Dassault Systèmes.

Most of the documents used to model for Paris 3D were 2D drawings or black and white photographs, so the archeologists needed to do some guess work.

Before creating Paris 3D, which the Dassault team spent two years building, they created Giza 3D, released in May.

Insight Media looked at the video and downloaded the player to better view these models.  Unfortunately, only a list of the models is available on-line.  These can be viewed in several stereoscopic 3D modes, but you can’t click on a building to more fully explore it in 3D.  We suspect they are reserving this full navigation capability for museums who will crate virtual tours of Paris over a 2,000 year span.  That will probably be a tour worth doing. -Chris Chinnock!

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