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Flat Panel

Flat Panel Display News covers LCD, PDP, OLED and other display technologies, products and research, including coverage of components, subsystems and supply chain issues for use in professional and consumer products.

First Display Summit Sessions Announced

Display Summit (www.displaysummit.com) is a thought leadership conference focused on the future of displays and the pixel pipeline to support them.  Organizers Insight Media have now announced the release of the

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The Flexible OLED Wearable Future

Flexible Display - Despite all attempts to the contrary, a 12M unit order for new flexible OLED display panels was simply too hard for LG Display to conceal.  So once again,

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Tactus Panel Moves Quickly to Production

User Interface – A Tactus Panel, developed by Tactus Technology, is a structured layer that can sit on top of a touch screen display or is embedded into it.  Using

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Interview with David Barnes About Flexible Displays

Flexible Display - One of the topics that makes a lot of headlines in the display world today are flexible displays.  With the growing interest within the display industry, SID and

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NAB 2014 In The Rear View Mirror

Broadcast & Distribution - The 2014 NAB Show has come and gone, and although attendance was strong, this year’s edition didn’t have quite the buzz that I expected. Given all

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NPD DisplaySearch Sees Mobile Displays Surpassing TV in Flat Panel Revenue

Market Intelligence - The Flat Panel revenue development  has put a lot of pressure on the panel makers over the past few years.  This was mostly driven by a decline in

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Novel Color Matching and Color Calibration Solution Launched by Noorzena Displays

Professional Displays - Noorzena Displays (Livermore, CA) is a company new to us that is launching a novel product called TetraColors.  It is a color calibration tool for displays (hardware box

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4K Everywhere at NAB and Insight Media (Part 3)

Part 1: Introduction plus NAB and 4K: Now and in the future. Part 2: 4K Cameras; 4K live production equipment Part 3: 4K Encoding and Decoding; 4K Displays and Display

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IHS is delighted to announce the first confirmed speakers to present at the Touch Gesture Motion Market Focus Conference

For the 5th year, the Touch Gesture Motion Market Focus Conference at SID’s Display Week is bringing together a blend of experts in the rapidly developing and amazingly diverse area

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Display Week 2014 Sails into San Diego the First Week in June with a Talented Crew of Display Leaders and Innovators

The Society for Information Display (SID), announced its final program line up for Display Week 2014, which will be taking place in San Diego from June 1-6 at the San

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