Tuesday PM – Abstracts and Bios

3D Projection

Moderator: Chris Chinnock, Insight Media

6-Chip Stereoscopic Laser Display System Using Six Primary Colors (6P)

Arnold Simon 130x100Arnold Simon, Chief Technology Officer, Infitec

Abstract: The requirements on laser wavelengths necessary to display 3D content using the wavelength multiplex technology (WMT) and encompassing the DCI color space are presented. As an example of the technique a system consisting of a rebuilt six primaries projector and corresponding passive 3D glasses is shown. The specific design characteristics for laser WMT laser 3D glasses will be presented.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Arnold Simon, CTO, Infitec GmbH, has been leading various RD projects for the improvement of the wavelength multiplexing technology. He is a physicist, with optical background and worked for 10 years in LCD display. He entered Infitec as consultant during his MBA studies.


Engineered Screens for Laser Projection

K Curtis 132x100Kevin Curtis, Chief Scientist for Illumination Systems, Real D

Abstract: An engineered screen technology that has significant benefits for use with laser projectors is presented. The screen’s ability to lower system cost, improve image quality, and decrease speckle in a practical way are discussed.

Speaker Bio: Kevin Curtis is RealD’s Chief Scientist for Illumination Systems. Prior to this he was founder and CTO and eventually CEO of InPhaseTechnologies which he spun out of Bell Laboratories. He has authored ~50 issued US patents, one book, and >100 presentations on optics and lasers. Kevin received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.


NVIDIA Professional 3D Stereo

dtraill 100x100Doug Traill, Senior System Architect

Abstract: This talk covers the relationship between the Projection display and the graphics card for professional 3D stereo.  We explore how we can drive multiple projectors and 4K displays in 3D stereo.

Speaker Bio: Doug Traill is a Senior Solutions Architect at Nvidia responsible for Scalable Visualization Solutions. In this role he works with Systems Integrators and end customers to help design and implement complex visualization systems.


Laser Devices

Moderator: Chris Chinnock, Insight Media


Laser6P – A New Laser Illumination System for Premium Dual Projector 3D

Bill Beck 139x100Bill Beck, Founder, EVP Business Development, Laser Light Engines

Abstract: The Premium Large Venue (PLV) segment of the performance projection market is generating urgent demand for an ultra-high brightness, light and power efficient passive 3D solution for 70mm film conversions, domes and other non-polarization maintaining screens. LLE has developed an optimized, despeckled, spectrally separated, dual RGB laser 3D illumination system that can be incorporated into both new installations and retrofit upgrades via optical fiber delivery. LLE was the first to demonstrate laser illuminated, “6 primary”, true 4K 3D with full color and resolution in November of 2012. Both DLP Cinema and LCOS 4K projector platforms have been integrated. Presentation will review major market drivers and application requirements; system design details; features, benefits and performance metrics.

Speaker Bio: Bill Beck is a photonics visionary with diverse start-up, general management and technology marketing experience. As the founder of Laser Light Engines (LLE), he has been the driving force behind both the success of the company and the acceptance of laser illumination by the Digital Cinema market. Beck helped launch LIPA, the Laser Illuminated Projection Association in 2011, to further promote the technology. Prior to starting LLE, he was the founding CEO at Verrillon, a venture-backed specialty optical fiber startup. While at Verrillon, he acquired AOFR, a maker of advanced fiber-based components from ADC. Earlier in his career, Beck was President of SpecTran Specialty Optics Company, in Avon, CT, first acquired by Lucent, and now the largest specialty fiberoptics company in the world, doing business as OFS. His extensive experience with high power laser delivery via optical fiber has informed LLE’s vision to offer remote laser illumination to non-cinema applications.

New Development on Green Lasers for Laser Projector Applications

CQ Xu 141x100Chang-Qing Xu, C2C Link Corporation

Abstract: Compact low-cost green lasers are the key to commercialization of laser projectors. In this paper, the state-of-the art green lasers with an output power of 1W based on the recently developed miniaturized PPLN modules will be presentation. Power scalability and potential application of the green lasers to laser projector will be discussed.

Speaker Bio: C.Q. Xu received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. from University of Science and Technology of China, in 1985 and 1987, respectively, and Doctor of Engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1991. After graduation, he joined the Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., Japan. From 2000 to 2001, he worked for the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore). He has worked for McMaster University (Canada) since 2001. His current research interests include nonlinear optic materials and RGB lasers for laser display applications.  Dr. Xu is a founder of C2C Link Corporation and CQ Laser Technologies Co., Ltd.


OEM RGB Laser Systems for Projection and Display Application

Sampsa 132x100Mr. Sampsa Kuusiluoma, Manager, New Product Introduction, Modulight, Inc.

Abstract: Lasers are increasingly deployed in projection, display and entertainment markets generally for direct illumination, backlighting or exciting phosphorus materials. This market segment shows up still rather modest in total global laser sales totaling $165M in 2012, but is growing fast with about 50% GAGR. One of the key drivers for this fast growth has been the easier component solutions available for system integrators, especially in laser show segment. One of the key challenges of the industry has been in integrating different laser technologies that are used to produce RGB light to a compact low cost solutions that are easy to integrate into systems. In this work we present a compact OEM RGB laser module platform for easy integration of red, green and blue lasers to any application requiring watt level power per wavelength. The laser systems include automated power and cooling control through a single digital or an analog interface. They provide 1W optical output power per color and direct scalability to 3x3W from a single output fiber. The RGB laser systems can be configured to compact single-wavelength (3”x3”) or RGB (6”x6”) modules offering also possibility to automated color balancing and 2D/3D mode switching.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Kuusiluoma is responsible for the product development and new product introduction at Modulight and works actively in the sales and customer interface. He has a M.Sc. in EE from Tampere University of Technology and six sigma green belt from Nokia Corporation. Prior to joining Modulight he gained over 10 years’ experience in project management within the fields of reliability, quality, and production technology development. He is also a member and active member of the IEEE CPMT technical committee 7 for accelerated stress testing and reliability.


Lasers for Display … The Time is Now

greg-niven 142x100Greg Niven, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Necsel

Abstract: Launch dates have been announced, designs have been finalized, and the laser architectures have been decided on by projector makers. This talk will educate the attendees on the essential trends for lasers in high lumen projectors.

Speaker Bio: Gregory T. (Greg) Niven is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Necsel since its formation in early 2009. He has spent the last 18 years involved with laser technology for the imaging and display markets, including focusing the last eight years on the projection and consumer electronics marketplaces. Greg is a founder of Necsel, which became a fully-owned group company of Ushio in December 2010. He spent five years with Arasor/Novalux, where he was the EVP of Marketing and pioneered many of the first laser display products and demonstrations. Before Novalux, he spent six years at Coherent, Inc., where he directed their business development efforts in laser display and graphic arts. He started his career as an engineer working on laser-based products for digital imaging of printing plates, circuit boards, and photographic film. Greg has a lifelong love of laser technology and is passionate to see high power visible lasers enter mass consumer products.