Monday AM – Abstracts and Bios

Projection Market Opportunities

Moderator: Norbert Hildebrand, Insight Media

The Display Industry – A Rapidly Changing Competitive Landscape

M. Fisher 132x100

Mike Fisher, Head of Business to Business Team, Futuresource Consulting

Abstract: The projection industry is increasingly caught in a battle for end user budgets as flat panel technologies and increasingly tablet devices (specifically within the education sector) become more and more desirable. This presentation will review developments in the projector industry highlighting key market stats, key trends and growth hot spots. The presentation will also highlight the development in interactive technologies and how vendors offering interactive display are coming under pressure from the rapid trend towards 1 to 1 computing, forcing a realignment of business models and significant changes to industry supply side dynamics.

The presentation will cover:

  • Projector Market overview – volumes/values, key country developments, key feature developments
  • Projection vs Flat Panel – How the competition is actually shaping up, away from the hype
  • One to one learning intro – I’ll provide some examples of how it is taking off and the demand for interactivity between tablet/display is following this trend
    • Provide facts of how one to one learning is negatively impacting the market opportunity for interactive displays but conversely is positively affecting opportunities for standard projectors (counter to Garry Kaye’s prediction from 2/3 years ago that personal devices were the category killer)
    • Detail how one to one learning will impact how the education ecosystem develops and why it will result in changes in business model for interactive display vendors (and hence their channel partners)

Speaker Bio: Mike has been with Futuresource Consulting for over ten years, now leading the business to business team. Mike is closely involved in researching, analysing and consulting on key industry performance and developments worldwide, with a particular focus on new and developing opportunities across the display industry. Much of this work involves the provision of strategic direction for companies in understanding how the markets are performing, how they are evolving and how customer needs continue to develop and change over time.

With a wide range of executive level industry contacts and full visibility of vendor developments, channel segmentation, positioning and end-user usage scenarios, Mike is able to add value to a whole host of blue chip clients in the b2b display area.

Mike is a regular speaker at international conferences. Mike holds a Bachelors of European Business from Nottingham Trent University.


Finding Profitable Smaller Niches in the Projection Market

Olave Sandnes124x100

Olav Sandes, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Univisual Technologies AB

Abstract: Voices in the market have for quite some time predicted that projectors will be substituted by LCD/OLED monitors and these technologies have for sure taken a piece of the cake. At the same time we see that a wide range of new low cost projectors are being brought to the market thus making it more complicated for the customer to make a decision.

The presentation will address how to find new profitable niches in projector market as well as a Case Study from the Offshore Oil & Gas market in Norway.

Speaker Bio: Olav Sandes is the Co-Founder and Managing Director, Univisual Technologies AB.  Univisual Technologies AB is the supplier of the Warpalizer software. Olav Sandnes started his career with the Royal Norwegian Airforce for 15 years. He then spent 10 years in the Oil & Gas business and 17 years in simulation and visual systems.


New Markets for Projection: Challenges and Opportunities

Kevin Nute, Sales Manager, Goo Systems Global Distribution

Abstract: LCD and LED panel sizes keep going up and prices keep coming down. Faced with constantly evolving competition, what avenues are there for the  projection industry to continue to grow?  Mr. Nute will discuss opportunities in educational, commercial and entertainment venues with particular emphasis on how being able to paint a premium projection surface makes these opportunities more appealing and more affordable to end users.

Speaker Bio: Kevin’s background in projection goes all the way back to selling and installing Advent VideoBeams in the late 70′s. Since 2003, Kevin has been a partner in Goo Systems, involved in sales and product development for the industries leader supplier of premium coatings for video projection.”


BYOD Collaboration

Moderator: Chris Chinnock, Insight Media

BYOD – It Really Means Bring Your Own DISPLAY, BTW

Gary Kayye 125x100_2Gary Kayye, Founder, rAVe Publishing

Abstract:  The so-called Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) craze is everywhere. You’ll see BYOD articles on Mashable, The Verge, on c|net and even see it mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. It stems from the obvious impact of the SmartPhone and Tablet in our everyday lives – we’re carrying them with is all the time. But, what it really means is Bring You Own DISPLAY! Guess what? The D E V I C E is actually a DISPLAY. There’s even a set of technology publications focused on what’s commonly referred to as 2nd Screen Technology. So, what’s that mean for us – the 1st screen manufacturers? You.

Well, three years ago, I was invited to the Projection Summit and I spoke on something I referred to as the Projector Dying a Slow Death. Well, does any of this sound familiar?  I’m Back!

I’ll talk about what the BYOD craze really means and what’s likely going to be the real effect to projection technology and it’s future integration into AV, IT and digital signage systems.

Speaker Bio: Gary Kayye, InfoComm and NSCA Certified Technology Specialist, has worked in technology sales and marketing for more than 20 years. He is the founder of Kayye Consulting, a technology consulting company, and rAVe [Publications], a publishing and communications company. Kayye regularly speaks, teaches classes and writes about technology and the future of advertising and marketing. He is recognized as a social media and new media technology expert, especially in B2B markets, and founded a website, the rAVe Social Media Blueprint that thousands of audiovisual dealers visit each month for advice on using social media to better their businesses. A lively and engaging speaker, he was recognized as InfoComm’s Educator of the Year in 2004 and the National System Contractor Association’s Instructor of the Year in 2007. A graduate of the University of North Carolina’s school of journalism and mass communication, Kayye now also teaches as adjunct faculty at his alma mater. He teaches a class about social media and new media technologies (and how they will affect marketing and communications), as well as a class on personal branding. Kayye is also the founder of the Swim for Smiles Foundation, a non-profit that puts on athletic events for kids to raise money for local children’s hospitals. The Youth Triathlon put on in May every year by the Swim for Smiles Foundation, after six years, is now the second-largest youth triathlon in the world.


Visual Collaboration and the Pixel Landscape

Chris Jaynes 126x100Chris Jaynes, CTO, Mersive Technologies

Abstract: Proprietary hardware and a diversity of cables have made it difficult to access the pixels that exist in the meeting room. Once connected to a display, a single user now defines what content can be shown on that display. Despite the trillions of pixels that are being deployed in our work spaces, they cannot yet be managed and used like traditional shared computational infrastructure. Mersive’s Solstice software breaks down the cable barrier and allows users to easily access, share and control the display enabling a new level of collaboration to occur. Solstice leverages existing commodity hardware and existing networks so that anyone in the room can use the laptop or mobile device they walked in with as a display management tool and a content source for sharing pixels. This important capability creates a shared Pixel Landscape® for collaboration that is equally important to the projection display market. As many people can be accessing and publishing to the display simultaneously, the need for more screen real estate increases beyond what is practical with LCDs and a new imperative for large-format, high-resolution multi-projector displays is created.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Jaynes, PhD, is Founder and CTO of Mersive. He leads The Visualist Blog ( Before Mersive, Jaynes was a professor and founded the Metaverse Lab at the University of Kentucky. Throughout his career, he has focused on multimedia technologies, display technologies and human-computer interaction – holding numerous patents in these fields.


WX Series Displays for Advanced Collaboration

Sat Naranyan 133x100

Sat Narayanan, VP, Display Solutions, Delta Products Corp.

Abstract: How WX series displays addresses the needs of collaboration in Complex projects

Speaker Bio: Sat started his engineering career at Tektronix after graduating from the University of Washington with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA. At Tektronix, Sat worked on marketing a number of display technologies developed at Tek Labs including Liquid Crystal Color Shutter, Very High resolution Large Monochrome CRT displays, Passive and Active 3D display technologies and Tension Mask color CRTs.

After leaving Tektronix, Sat joined Delta Electronics. Sat was instrumental in getting Delta to invest in Projection Technology.

Currently Sat is heading up Delta Display Solutions Business Unit for the Americas. This BU is responsible for promoting Delta’s Indoor and Outdoor LED displays, Video wall cubes, embedded and IP based Video wall controllers and edge blended WX series products in the Americas.


Tidebreak: Leading the Way to Full-Participation Collaboration

Andrew Milne 100x133Andrew Milne, CEO, Tidebreak

Abstract: Collaboration. Connectedness. Mobility Design thinking. Active learning. These are facets of the user experience that the INFOCOMM community aims to deliver through technology. They are important elements in supporting high-performance teams. But in a world that wrestles with BYOD the convergence of AV and IT, it is easy to get distracted with efforts to support old practices with new devices. With the right vision, emerging technologies can transform the way groups work together and deliver break-through gains in group productivity. At this year’s Projection Summit and INFOCOMM Tradeshow, Tidebreak will demonstrate how BYOD collaboration and a focus on enabling active participation can produce breakthrough experiences in audio-visual communication contexts. See how to move beyond wireless presentation to a future that embraces full-participation collaboration.

Speaker Bio: Andrew J. Milne, Ph.D. is the CEO of Tidebreak, Inc., an leading technology provider that is revolutionizing the nature of collaborative workspaces and learning spaces throughout the world. Tidebreak and its partners deliver unparalleled collaboration experiences through a collection of software products and related services that build on a deep understanding of participatory work practices and design thinking. Andrew heads a talented team at Tidebreak and coordinates closely with allied organizations to help organizations around the world accelerate performance and achieve better results using advanced technologies.

Andrew has spent more than two decades as a member of the INFOCOMM community in roles ranging from systems developer, technology consultant , researcher, inventor, educator, and executive. He holds B.S. (Honors) and M.S. degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Penn State University. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering at the Center for Design Research at Stanford University, where his work focused on developing and evaluating pervasive computing collaboration technologies to support distributed engineering design teams. Andrew is currently a member of INFOCOMM’s Board of Directors.


Efficient Collaboration Made Easy

David Aleksandersen 100x137David Aleksandersen, Academy Manager, Strategic Marketing, Barco

Abstract: Collaboration has never been easier. Learn how Barco’s combination of experience and products aimed at the global distributed, collaborative workforce can turn your meeting room into a full-fledged collaborative environment, where these large pixel canvases are fully utilized. Simultaneous, easy sharing of content from a multitude of mobile devices is a critical factor to ensure successful collaboration. We will share some insights into the solutions available today and in the near future.

Speaker Bio: David Aleksandersen is the Academy Manager at high-performance projector manufacturer projectiondesign (now part of Barco), where he is responsible for the worldwide development and execution of the company’s initiatives in knowledge transfer and partner training within sales, product, service and repair.

Aleksandersen has been working at projectiondesign in Norway since 2005 and has has strong experience in working across various industries.

During his work history, he has held senior board, sales, business management and product development roles to bring new and emerging products, technologies and services to market. Aleksandersen holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences with additional Communication & PR studies.