NanoTech Entertainment Ships 4K Playback Device

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Beyond 1080 - NANOTECH ENTERTAINMENT (OTCPINK: NTEK) announced that it has begun shipping its first 4K UltraHD Set Top Computer, the Nuvola NP-H1. Pricing for the NP-H1 starts $699. Nearly half the price of the other available devices in this space. The units are in stock and ready for delivery. Customers may order them online at or by contacting the NanoTech sales department at 1.408.414.7355.

“Many commercial customers are now preparing to deploy trade show and other commercial displays showing off 4K UltraHD technology. NanoTech is a leader in the deployment and delivery of 4K UltraHD content, and we have already partnered with several companies to provide the path to delivering 4K UltraHD Demonstrations using our technology and systems,” said LX Rudis, NanoTech’s Media Group, Senior VP of Development. “With 4K TVs able to deliver a vibrant and natural picture that is four-times sharper than high definition, vendors need a robust solution to display content that can be used in an embedded environment. The NP-H1 is a great example of how NanoTech continues to lead the market in bringing professional 4K UltraHD entertainment solutions for commercial customers.”

NanoTech CEO Jeffrey A. Foley added, “We are extremely excited to be the vanguard of the 4K UltraHD movement. We feel the Nuvola NP-H1 will be a great success as it provides an immediate embedded solution at an affordable price. The NP-H1 is extremely flexible with a variety of I/O ports eSATA and USB connections that allow for the installation of an assortment of accessories, options and storage attachments. With the release of the first of many Nuvola products, the NP-H1, we truly believe that NanoTech is delivering the Future of Television.”

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