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Tactus Panel Moves Quickly to Production

User Interface – A Tactus Panel, developed by Tactus Technology, is a structured layer that can sit on top of a touch screen display or is embedded into it.  Using

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Is GoPro Next with a 4K Camera?

Camera/Camcorder – At NAB, we saw several new announcements for 4K cameras from Blackmagic, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Sony and others.  GoPro was not on that list, but now there are

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Novel Color Matching and Color Calibration Solution Launched by Noorzena Displays

Professional Displays - Noorzena Displays (Livermore, CA) is a company new to us that is launching a novel product called TetraColors.  It is a color calibration tool for displays (hardware box

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NAB 2014 – NTT NEC Show Live 4K 60 fps HEVC Encoding

Encode/Decode - NTT and NEC teamed up to showcase live hardware encoding and decoding of 4K/60p content in their booth at NAB 2014.  The encoding was done in a rather

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NAB 2014 – Harmonic Shows 120 fps 4K and Live 4K 60 fps HEVC Encoding

Encode/Decode - Harmonic was showing a 120 Hz frame rate demo of 4K UHD content at NAB 2014.  The display screen was split, with 30 frames on one side and 120

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NAB 2014 – DivX Shows Maturity of its HEVC Encoding

Encode/Decode - In its booth at NAB 2014, DivX showcased a range of 4K solutions including HEVC-based content encoding, content protection DRMs and multi-screen playback of 4K content. Just before

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NAB 2014 – Ericsson Wins Award for Live 4K Transport Solution; 3 FIFA Games to Use System

Broadcast & Distribution – Insight Media visited Ericsson at its NAB 2014 booth.  The company showed a broadcast of 4K/60-frame content at 4:2:2 and 10-bit (see video below).  The content

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NAB 2014 – HISPASAT Initiates Trial 4K Channel in US

Broadcast & Distribution - HISPASAT is a satellite network operator with good European and Americas coverage.  They are already broadcasting a trail 4K channel in Europe, and now will be

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NAB 2014 Altera Shows 4K 60 fps Over 12G SDI Connection

Connectivity - Altera showed a demo of a 12G-SDI connection running 4K/60p over a single cable.  The demo uses two of their Stratix5 FPGA devices.  12G-SDI is another transport protocol

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NAB 2014 – Advantec Shows HEVC Encode Using DSP Approach

Encode/Decode - Advantec was at NAB to show off their video processing prowess (see video).  They make video cards that focus on DSP processing.  On display was a split screen

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