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The Business Track of the Symposium will focus on the business, investment and ROI issues associated with the broader adoption of 4K/UHD equipment and content in consumer and professional markets. It will complement the Technical track but only address technical issues at a high level, with the emphasis will be on understanding the basic approaches, status and timing for providing solutions and their impact on decision making.

The Business track will consist of a series of panel sessions organized to focus on the fundamental questions around the timing, positioning and monetization of investments in the 4K/UHD ecosystem.  Panelists will offer a range of opinions and views to spur discussion of these complex issues.

We anticipate including introductory presentations for each session to provide a background on the session topic for those who are not experts in the subject matter. This will facilitate the panel discussion helping to sort though the complex business issues involving the role out 4K/UHD.

Industry experts are invited to submit their opinions on what the key business, investment and monetization issues are, and their perspective on how to address challenges and take advantage of opportunities. These ideas will be synthesized to create a series of moderator-led panels.

Please submit your ideas and comments to: Chris Chinnock,