4K-UHD Demo

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Details of 4K Demo at SMPTE Symposium Released

Download 4K/UHD Demo Summary at SMPTE 2013 Symposium

Demo Hours in Nichols Canyon Room:

  • Oct. 21  10-7
  • Oct. 22  8-1
  • Oct 23  8-1

The 4K/UHD demo area is a dedicated room at the SMPTE fall conference that is devoted to 4K/UHD demonstrations.  There are three key objectives.

One is to show that lack of 4K native content is not an obstacle for the roll out of products and services.  The objective is to prove that upscaling and conversion engines are very good and can make 1080 content looked great on a UHD TV.  This will be demonstrated in side by side demos by Sony, Canon and Altera.

A second objective is to demonstrate that the delivery of 4K content within production facilities and most importantly, to the home, will not be a major technical hurdle either.  The new HEVC codec will deliver on its promise of acceptable bit rates and quality for delivery of 4K content.  To prove this, we will initiate split-screen demos showing various HEVC and H.264 encoding comparisons to demonstrate the maturity of this technology.  Samsung, Cisco, Altera, Rovi and Elemental Technologies will all be there demonstrating this aspect.

The third objective is to show live production of 4K content.  Sony will show this using an F55 and professional 4K monitor.  A team composed of Quantel, Colorfront and Canon will show this using a C500 camera, Colorfront de-Bayering and processing of RAW data, a Pablo console for color grading and Canon professional monitor.

In addition, we are creating a test reel of content that can be shown by all participants.   This content will be mastered by Technicolor and created in a UHD format plus a 1080p format (which goes to the upconversion platform).  This same test reel will be delivered to the HEVC participants for their encoding.  Further, we are seeking to source UHD 50 or 60 frame content for objective 3.  Here, the idea would be to show some additional higher frame rate content on the professional monitors to give attendees a feel for the advantage of higher frame and a glimpse of what will be possible in a year with HDMI 2.0 for the home.

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A team of partners is also helping out including Technicolor (mastering services), SpectaCal (display calibration services), New Media Hollywood (On-site AV support), Video Clarity (media servers and distribution system), and ThinkLogic (fiberoptic extenders).  UHD content is also being provided by a number of companies including Canon, Sony, Hollywood DI, Digital Cinema Society, High Def Home Entertainment.

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Insight Media recent completed a similar side-by-side demonstration of hybrid projectors at the Projection Summit in June (photo below), which was very well received.